Friday, January 30, 2015

Tips to Avoid Cancer From Radical Mobile

With the advancement of mobile technology today has become the stuff that is always there wherever we are, with the phone can help all kinds of relationships with a variety of people without having to peru face to face it is an excess of mobile technology. But basically the phone also has a negative side to the health you need to know.

According to research conducted by usean Cell phone cancer risk increase is possible to say that for mobile users potentially affected by cancer caused by radicals on the phone. But for those users do not feel khawtir onsel and had to throw up do not want to use the phone, all of these impacts can be prevented by way of tips to avoid cancer of the following phone radicals.
  1. Do not use the phone at the time was in a car or elevator because at that time the phone would be greater radical.
  2. Minimum at the time of communication using mobile phones with such little you can keep the phone away from the head and radicals of the phone will not interfere with your health.
  3. If the body is weakened condition ushakan do not use mobile phones because of the radical on very easily fit in your body so that it will worsen your condition. other than that facilitate the emergence of cancer that will attack your body.

That's what you should do to avoid cancer of radical phones. Hope it is useful!

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tips Strategies Caring Jeans

Jeans one of the fabrics that are very difficult to treat, if something goes wrong in the care of the durability and color jeans will be at stake. Therefore, you should really know how to take care of jeans as the wash to save in order to make it look like new jeans continue. Surely you already curious to know how how not? Go see the following explanation surefire tips caring for jeans.

1. At the time of washing the jeans actually quite premises by washing once every two weeks to one month, but it may very well not because jens tend the old musty odor if not washed. If you could do that would make your jeans look new and remain durable material.

2. At the time of jeans better wash by hand do not use the washing machine because besides damaging materials can also make the hole bigger waist. leaving it more appropriate way by drying because it will make the dry evenly, thereby reducing the risk of color fading jeans.

3. besides washing methods described above, the storage method should also be considered. Good and true way is by folding do not hanged for the hanging odor causing bacteria more rapidly spreading

That tips that you can do to take care of your jeans to make it look like new kept and preserved. Thank you and good luck!


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Cara Mudah Merawat Tanaman Pada Saat Sibuk


Bagi orang yang memilik kegiatan yang sangat pada atau sibuk tentu saja akan mengurangi perhatiannya pada kondisi sekitar rumah adalah tanaman. Maka tidak banyak orang yang sibuk mampu mengurusi tanaman ataupun peliharaan dirumah,  oleh kerena itu kami sajikan tips berikut in untuk merawat tanaman pada saat kondisi sibuk.

Berikut ini beberapa cara merawat tanaman pada saat sibuk

1. Kopi Bubuk
Dengan menggunakan cara menambahkan kopi bubuk pada tanaman Anda itu bisa  membantu tanaman tetap tumbuh meskipun lupa disirami air beberapa hari.

2. Tambahan spons
Spons yang diletakkan di bawah pot bermanfaat untuk menampung air  untuk beberapa hari, dengan adanya spons tersebut memberikan kelembapan pada suhu tumbuhan sehingga tidak cepat mati saat lupa disiram.

3.  Kulit buah lemon
Mungkin Anda kaget mendengarnya bahwa kulit lemon bisa membantu merawat tanaman dengan cara memanfaatkan kulit buah lemon untuk dijadikan tempat untuk penanaman tumbuhan itu bisa membuat tanaman semakin subuh tanpa harus disiram setiap hari, karena tekstur kulit lemon dapat menyerap air dengan baik.

Nah,, itu tadi solusi bagi orang yang sangat sibuk dengan kegiatan sehari-hari sehingga lupa merawat dan menyirami tanaman Anda maka cara yang di atas dapat Anda praktekan di rumah sekarang juga. Selamat mencoba!

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